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We fancy ourselves decent golf instructors, but sometimes our lessons come out as clear as the Wabash River. Take a gander at these videos to see 9&8 gear in action and make things crystal clear.

Alignment Sticks & Perfect Practice Target System

How to Assemble and Use the 9&8 Alignment Kit
Learn how to couple your 9&8 Alignment Sticks and Perfect Practice Target System to assemble the full 9&8 alignment kit. Get tips for easy realignment on the green and how to store your alignment kit for quick reassembly.

Sweet Spot Ball Line Marker

How to Use the Sweet Spot Ball Line Marker
Ready to mark your ball? All you’ll need is a ball, a fresh permanent marker and the Sweet Spot Ball Line Marker, and you’re off to the races.

The Truth Putting Aid

How to Use The Truth Putting Aid
See how The Truth Putting Aid gives you immediate feedback as you work toward your perfect putt. Learn how to put The Truth on your putter, and when to use the large and small sizes.

The Mint Alignment Ball Marker

Here’s how to line up your putt with The Mint Alignment Ball Marker. Mark your ball, position the center line toward the hole, then read your putt and place your ball on one of the 7 lines on your ball marker.

Divot Repair Tool

9&8’s divot repair tools are built with class from the ground up. Check out how much care goes into making the tools we use to care for the course.

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