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The path to perfecting your game is a long one, but training tools from 9&8 Golf are the quickest way to get there. Our suite of tools help you find your stance, align your shot and win. Big.

Go back to basics,
and conquer them.

When you’re looking to fundamentally improve your golf game, it all starts with perfecting the fundamentals. We’re talking shoulder, hip, knee and foot alignment so your body and the target are in sync. 

9&8’s Perfect Practice Target system is the perfect companion to help you repeat and perfect the fundamentals. Go from lazily hitting balls on the range to hitting your mark — and your target — every time.
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The truth, and nothin’ but it.

Get immediate, accurate feedback on your stroke as you work toward mastery of the green with The Truth Putting Aid. 

Start with the large size putting aid to hammer home the fundamentals, and work your way down to the small size on your path to glory. You’ve got this, champ — and that’s The Truth.

Hit the spot, every time.

Check any golfer’s junk drawer and you’ll find a cheap old line marking tool gathering dust. They’re flimsy, they break easily, and they don’t actually let you draw a clean line all the way around your ball. 

Not ours. 9&8’s Sweet Spot Ball Line Marker holds your ball firmly in place, so you can easily mark the ball with a perfect line all the way around. Go ahead and clear out that junk drawer, because you finally found the sweet spot.

Shoot straight with us.

If alignment sticks aren’t already part of your training arsenal, these beauties are what you need to take the first confident step toward a refined game of golf.

9&8’s 48” Alignment Sticks help you find your stance, and find the path to the top of your game. Bundle them with our Perfect Practice Target System for the ultimate full-swing training tool.

Just like your golf game, we’re always getting better.

9&8 Golf is always working on new accessories to help you refine your game. Drop us your email address below and we’ll let you know when the next "gotta have it" gear drops in the 9&8 store.
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