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When we say custom-made, we mean it.

9&8 founder Charles Jischke (left) has had a golf club in his hands since he was 7 years old. As the years went by — and technology caught up to the ideas bouncing around his head — Charles started designing and 3D printing his own training tools to take his game to the next level. 

Before long, Charles’ training gear caught the eye of professional golf coaches. The demand started pouring in, and so did the ideas. 

Today Charles has custom-made an entire suite of tools to help himself, a growing number of professionals, and players like you get better at the game we all love. 

If precision, repeatability and perfecting the fundamentals is your goal, start training like Charles — with 9&8 gear in your golf bag.

“9&8”? I don’t get it.

You will if you keep training with our gear! See, we like to win, and we like to win BIG. You’ve got to be perfect to win big, and to be perfect you can’t leave preparation to chance.  

Match play is the greatest mano-a-mano test a golfer can face, and 9&8 is utter domination. Just ask Tiger.

Two dudes and a house full of 3D printers

We’re just starting out here, ladies and gents. We don’t have armies of people. We do have an army of printers, though.
As we create new products and perfect our existing ones, our in-house (literally!) manufacturing allows us to go from idea to implementation in hours. And we do. We have our training aids in the hands of PGA Tour pros, D1 college coaches and players, and high level amateurs around the country.

We design and build. Pros test and opine. We tweak and implement. You benefit. It’s that simple.


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